Drive Safe

Mobi Move Ltd
Android 3.0+ and iOS 7.0+


Drive Safe is a self contained speed camera, hazard and traffic news warning system for Mauritius.
Whilst you drive, it provides audible and visual warnings as you approach speed camera locations and hazards as well as giving your speed and position on the map.

– Receive and display latest traffic news and related notification
– Dedicated, easy to understand interface: the app uses a colour-coded warning system that makes it easy to see if you need to slow down.
– Road speed limits: know if you’re speeding, even when there is no camera approaching.
– Background alerts: continue to receive audio and visual alerts when running the app in the background.
– Streaming audio alerts: pair your iPhone with your Hands-free Car kit (or any other device that supports A2DP Bluetooth) and clearly hear the audio alerts of the app over its powerful speaker.
– List of emergency contact numbers and other related useful driving applications

Drive Safe requires a GPS signal and a cellular data connection. You need to enable Push Notification to receive latest traffic news, camera and hazard alerts. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
Drive Safe contains a speed trap database covering all areas in Mauritius. Nevertheless, this is not an official speed camera database. Therefore, Mauritius Telecom and all parties involved in preparing the app do not warrant the accuracy of the database.

Drive Safe is brought to you by Mauritius Telecom. The application is developed by Mobi Move Ltd.

Product Description


With accidents in Mauritius being on the rise, road safety has become an increasing concern. With Drive Safe, you are able to look at the various hazards and warnings happening all over the island in real time. Keep in mind that to use Drive Safe you need a GPS signal and an Internet connection, so that means cell phone data if you’re out on the road.


How to Use

Drive Safe has multiple features that are quite easy to use. In the Dashboard, through GPS positioning, the app will track your progress and derive your speed from it. As you travel, any warnings or notifications in your vicinity will show up on the map, allowing you to make decisions on where to go based on where the warnings are. You’d might want to have your phone connected to a charger to keep it from draining your battery while the dashboard is active as it drains a lot of power.

If you wish to have a more global view of the roadblocks surrounding you, the Map is the better place to look. Sometimes the Mauritius Police Force will post news of the more important incidents happening in the News section.

Finally, you will find a list of hotlines in the Emergency section, with numbers that you can call, from ambulances and clinics to police stations.
If you wish to send feedback to the developer, you can do so in the aptly named Feedback section.


Why I Recommend it

Who likes being stopped in traffic jams? Unless you need an excuse to listen to the latest audiobook on the way home, having Drive Safe will potentially allow you to avoid any road incidents. Not only will you be able to see where the hazards are, you will also have access to news posted directly by the Mauritius Police Force. Everything about this app is to keep you from hitting roadblocks.


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