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L'Express, the leading daily newspaper in Mauritius, delivers the latest news to your Android device. Find all the latest news items and topics with its official free app, concerning trends, sports, politics, social issues and more happenings around the island. Stay up-to-date with its news alerts and enjoy both online and offline reading. Bundled with multimedia features (photos and videos), this app also caters for subscriptions to access and download the latest issue of the newspaper in PDF format.

L'Express app for Android comes with the following features:

– Receive alerts when new articles are posted
– Access articles with multimedia content, sorted by category
– Subscribe to the PDF version of the full l'express newspaper
– Save articles or the PDF version for offline reading
– Share articles on your favourite social networks
– Intuitively browse through the news with a concise and accessible menu

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Product Description


The app version of the popular newspaper l’Express is all you expect it to be: a convenient source of information directly from your smart device. While you may use it for free, there is a subscription service in place – again for your convenience. The only way in which the app may pose a problem for you is that it’s entirely in French, so if you’re not acquainted with the ‘language of romance’, this app is unfortunately not for you.


How to use

The l’Express app has multiple sections, but they are all pretty much covered by the instruction screen.

The one thing that needs to be mentioned is that the subscription model is based on the date the subscription was bought, so if you enrolled for a year, you will have access to all issues that came out during that time, even after the subscription has ended. Keep in mind that a subscription is optional to use the app; you will still have access to daily morsels of news free of charge.


Why I recommend it

If you are the type that needs their daily dose of news, then getting the l’Express app is a no-brainer. You may buy a monthly or an annual subscription if you want to have wholes issues but it works just as well if you are only interested in reading the latest news. With a subscription you will get digital versions of each issue that you can view at any time, and they remain on your account forever, even after your subscription expires. You may re-download past issues that you have deleted whenever you like.


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