Piyo Farm

Mobi Move Ltd
iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPad.


“Piyo Farm” is a fun game intended for kids to help them learn about farm animals.

– Lots of animals to explore
– Test and improve your child’s knowledge with the available mini games!
– Animated farm animals
– Play the “Match the habitat” mini game
– Play the “Names” mini game
– Play the “Sound” mini game
– Works on iPad/iPad RETINA

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Product Description

As the name might imply, Piyo Farm is an app that deals with farm animals. More specifically, it’s meant to teach your kid about said farm animals and provide various facts concerning them, like what do you call the sound a horse makes, or what purpose do farmers have with breeding ducks. A simple app that will surely teach your kid something new.

How to use
As Piyo Farm is an app geared towards young children, its controls are very simple and straightforward. On the title screen you will be able to go on the farm itself, or do various activities.

On the farm you will learn facts about the animals and hear the sounds they make by simply tapping on the animals and pressing either the question mark button or the sound button. You may also swipe left and right to cycle through the animals, or go back to select another one of your choosing.

The activities section has three different categories – Habitat, Sound and Names. In Habitat, you will have to match the environment you will see with the animal that lives there. This particular activity might be a bit challenging for a child so this would be a perfect opportunity to help them out and create a bonding moment.

Sound is another matching game where you listen to a sound and pick the corresponding animal. This is arguably the easiest exercise, but the difficulty goes up a bit with Names, where you will be presented with the picture of an animal that you will have to name by typing.

Why I recommend it
If you ever wanted to teach your young child about animals and the various facts surrounding them, then Piyo Farm is an excellent way to do so. It’s simple and easy to use, so it won’t give your kid any grievance with convoluted controls. It is entirely in English, which can be a great learning tool for your young, especially since children have an easier time learning languages than adults. Any of the more complicated words or minigames your kid encounters can be a bonding moment for the two if you.


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